Hello, it's me!  Bianca!  Thanks for checking out my papercut and website.

How exactly did I start papercutting?  For me, finding papercutting was serendipitous.  While wandering through Green Apple Books one afternoon in 2011, I looked at a random shelf, and saw Paper Cutting Book: Contemporary Artists, Timeless Craft.  I picked up the soft-cover book and was instantly enthralled. 

A few months later, in early 2012, I was at my studio and decided to give this papercutting thing a playful try.  So I grabbed a boxcutter and a paper bag and did just that.  That was the moment that my obsession with papercutting took root.

I struggled with other art mediums, they never fit quite right.  But here was papercutting, the first I came across where what I imagined was close to the finished product.  Here, my ideas felt at home.  That was powerful for me and it is probably the main reason why I still make papercuts.  Through these papercuts, I find a voice to share the moments, thoughts, and emotions that I cannot otherwise articulate.  And it is this type of honesty and candor that I hope to keep finding as my journey in papercutting continues.

Here is a lovely video that Mish made while I was prepping for open studios.  The days leading up to open studios always involves late nights and long days that transition seamlessly, much like this video feels.

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