Collection of Work


Papercut Stations of the Tokaido

I find Hiroshige woodcuts endlessly beautiful. In this series, I took origami papers that have his work printed on it and cut out improvised patterns based on cues from the work itself - what is left is a delicate, almost dreamy image.


“Journey” Series

This series was created such that each piece would be at fluctuating on the same horizon. At the time, I was ruminating on one’s journey and how each vignette is tied to what’s before and after and much after.

Heading to New Heights.jpg

Found Photographs

I am a collector. When I travel places, especially on road trips, I like to wander through antique stores, thrift shops, and garage sales.


2012 - 2017

Past work.

Doralice LP with lasercut insert and album art

Doralice LP with lasercut insert and album art

Other Work

Other projects and collaborations I’ve worked on.