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Beauty Lies Between My Palm and Death - Solo Exhibition

  • 142 Throckmorton Avenue Mill Valley, CA, 94941 United States (map)

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Opening reception:
July 2
5 - 7 pm (First Tuesday Art Walk!)
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Closing reception:
July 27
4 - 6 pm
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Finished art is often thought of as separate from its own creation. But this is deceiving.  The creative process, from spark to maturation to completion, is as much a life journey as that of the artist: encompassing birth, growth, chance, and death - all chained to the relentless flow of time.

Beauty Lies Between My Palm and Death begins my own exploration of this multifaceted microcosm by considering elements of my creative process: introspection, influence, inspiration, interpolation, and time. Far from aiming to reduce the creative process to mere discrete steps, I seek to acknowledge that the process is just as beautiful as the finished piece itself - or may even be the heart of where the beauty of the piece lies. Through this lens, it became important for me to consider my relationship to each of these aspects separately, as well as how they resolve into a whole - what can they tell me about my conflicted relationship with beauty and time?